Most people spend many hours per day in seated position – in home, at work and at home. Many of them doesn’t know how to sit properly in a chair and has problems with good posture or even suffer from back, neck and hip pain.

It’s really important to know how to maintain good posture when sitting in a chair, because it may help to reduce or even eliminate such problems like: lower back pain, leg and hand numbness, pain in sacral area, tension and pain in neck and shoulders.

Properly sitting in the chair

Here are few tips how to sit correctly in a chair:

  • You should be able to lean on the backrest. The backrest of the chair should be supportive, especially for your lower spine.
  • Your thighs should be parallel to the floor.
  • Your torso and thighs should be set at a 90-degree angle.
  • You should be able to keep your feet flat on the floor, while your knees should be at a 90-degree angle (crossing legs is not a proper or healthy position!).
  • You should also keep your forearms comfortably on armrests. Proper and supportive position of arms and hands will help you to reduce the wrist fatigue and tension in shoulders.
  • Take breaks and stand up from time to time (for example every 50 or 60 minutes) – straighten your legs, take a short walk or do some squats. It will relieve your back, shoulders and neck and improve the blood circulation in legs (reducing the numbness and cramps).
  • There are also few features that a chair should have to provide you with comfort and support during long hours at the desk.
  • The backrest should suit your back and support you at least up to the shoulder blades. The backrest should be S-shaped, with the bottom rounded part matching your lower spine natural curve.
  • The chair should have reclining backrest. No matter what if you’re sitting upright or leaning back your lower spine should be always well supported. Some of the high-end chairs even offer a backrest that follows the user movements and adjust to his changing position.
  • Another useful feature are the adjustable armrests. You should be able to adjust the height of armrests to keep your arms and forearms at a 90-degree angle and reduce the shoulder tension and wrist fatigue.
  • The chair should also have an adjustable height – you should be able to put your feet comfortably on the ground.
  • More expensive chairs also feature adjustable seat depth which is very useful for shorter and taller people. Thanks to this feature the user can adjust the seat depth to his legs’ length. The seat should support your whole thighs (there should be about 0.4-1 inch between the edge of the seat bottom and the back of your knees).

Ergonomic posture in the office chair

If you will properly choose a chair for your office and/or home and remember to keep good, healthy posture (especially if you spend long hours at the desk) you will avoid backache. Sitting properly in a chair will also help you to reduce neck and shoulder pain, as well as leg numbness and wrist pain.


Which chair is best for gaming and work?

Deluxe X-Rocker Recliner Wireless Gaming Chair

The recent shift towards wireless gaming chairs has resulted in this luxurious offering from X Rocker.

The Deluxe X Rocker Recliner claims to be the ultimate gaming chair and certainly appears to be setting new standards for comfort and equipment. This soft leather recliner has a foam filled seat and lockable recliner. It comes with 3 channels of wireless audio that produce 2.4Ghz of sound making it ideal for a home theatre system. The Deluxe X Rocker also comes complete a huge subwoofer, amplifier, surround sound, cup holder and storage area in the arm rest. It is compatible with all the major games consoles as well as tv, stereo, mp3 and mp4 players. It is currently available at just under £400.

Gamerox Childrens Gaming Chair to Improve Posture

Many children are now spending longer periods using their gaming consoles, often causing poor posture. This together with poor diets and lack of exercise may contribute to the growing obesity problems amongt the young.

Therefore the Gamerox childrens gaming chair has been designed to improve childrens posture and give increased player movement to promote excercise whilst seated. The Gamerox has a 3D profile cushioned seat with pivot and pitch features that delivers smooth movements allowing you to roll, pitch and yaw. Adapted for 7-12 year olds, the Gamerox has a recommended maximum weight loading of 80kg or 175Lbs.

Take a look on comparison of best gaming chairs: AKRacing vs DXRacer. Check also AKRacing AK-5015 review – very good gaming chair from AKRacing.

Best Office Chair Under 100

Another great ergonomic furniture idea that we often see are those that are used at homes, especially bedrooms that are not that huge. A bed that has a built in LCD TV, CD shelf and an attached desk is definitely something that anyone would like to have since it saves you a lot of space. Ergonomic bed are also being used in different hospitals as well, while some are for home use that has features such as adjustments in most part of the bed, where in you can elevate the top when watching TV or doing some laptop work, while some even has massage feature that is perfect for your tired body after long hours at work.

Living in an ergonomic environment is truly a great idea if you ask me and maybe other people might agree however you have to accept as well that it would cost you more that getting the ordinary furniture. The added feature and benefits that you get from it is however priceless, but of course you still have to make sure what you are getting suits your lifestyle and is what you really need. Don’t just go with the brand name or an expensive price, sometimes the good ones comes in just the right price, ask around and read some reviews before deciding which kind you should settle with.

So to start with, the first thing you have to decide is your budget, although this might still change later on as you further go on with your search. Set a budget and try to look within that price range so that you can somehow narrow down your search. Second, look for the best office chair under 100 that has the most adjustable feature, meaning to say, not all chairs that are comfortable with others would be comfortable to use for you as well, if you can, try to sit on them and work on the adjustments, make sure they are the most comfortable for you. Check on their size and the thickness of the cushions on the seat as well as the backseat. Most manufacturers have designs that are suitable for people with different sizes as well as height. It would also be a plus if your ergonomic chair would have an arm rest with it as well, while some doesn’t have them, having them would definitely give you more comfort to the arms, especially when it comes to adjusting the height of the chair. Having a good set of wheels on the chair is also a feature that you should look out for so that it would be easy for you to move around the desk.